Thursday, March 6, 2014

4 years???

I am apparently slacking big time on blogging! Daniel and I are enjoying every moment with these two beautiful girls! Holland is 6 1/2 (she makes sure you know about that 1/2). Harper turned 3 in January. We moved to West Monroe in August 2013. It's been a great move for everyone! Holland started first grade at Drew Elementary and LOVES it! We are so please with all of the faculty and families. I also love how it's less than a mile from the house. Holland is still involved in dance and gymnastics. She blows my mind at how smart and athletic she is. I love her curiosity and inquisitive spirit. She has never been the one accepts and answer without knowing all of the ins and outs. Harper has the sweetest little heart. She is definitely attached to her mommy (I'm not complaining). Holland was always so independent (and still is) she would never be content with me holding her and playing with her hair. Harper thrives on it. I love how different they are. This week the girls are on spring break. I don't remember spring break being this early. Its freezing!!! We've made the most out of this cold weather. Our favorite breakfast spot is Cracker Barrel right in front of the giant fire!!! Daniel hangs in there for his ladies.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

35 weeks

We're on the 5 week countdown to meet our little Harper. I think that if we make it through Christmas, we'll be ready for anything. Holland has already started opening gifts under the tree. She also likes to take the ornaments off of the tree and decorate her chair. She gets more entertaining the older she gets. It just amazes me how their little minds absorb so much.

I've been afraid of not having enough love to go around this entire pregnancy. Now that reality is setting in that we're going to have two little girls...SCARES ME TO DEATH!! I'm continually asking Daniel, "why did we decide we should have another one?" Of course he's excited and not worried at all. I'm a nervous wreck. Holland keeps me more than on my toes lately, and now we're adding a newborn to the mix. YIKES!! I pray for strength and patience multiple times a day.

Scout had her little surgery Friday. She's been recovering well. She was in quite a bit of pain for the first 24 hours, but she seems to be feeling better. We will hopefully get the results from pathology this week. I'm praying all of the margins are clear.

Christmas will be here before we know it. I'm really excited about this year. Holland is understanding the whole Santa concept. She also looks for her elf, "Buddy", every morning. If we have guests over she'll tell them, "he's watching me so he can tell Santa when I'm good." Apparently being on the naughty list hasn't even crossed her mind.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Hammett Update

It has officially been one year since I have updated this blog. Life has been great. We are expecting our second little girl in 6 weeks. She should be here around January 19th. Holland could not be more excited about becoming a big sister (so she says). Baby Sister (Harper Syble) gets lots of love and attention now while she's in mommies belly, but I have a sneeky suspicion this feeling will not last. I think she will be a big help though. We've been changing her babies diapers so we should both be in practice.

Holland is still loving Montessori school. She goes Monday-Friday half days. It is just enough time to have coffee and do a couple loads of laundry. I love being her mom. Sadly to say, she is extremely strong willed and stubborn like me so we tend to butt heads often. She has definitely found her independence. Now its up to me to help her channel it in a positive way. This is something I struggle with everyday.

Daniel has recently put in new flooring in the house and I will post pictures at some point. It almost like living in a new house. The new living room furniture helps too. We are slowly but steady getting ready to expand our family.

Until next time...

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I want to start off by saying, Holland is me made over. She may look like her daddy, but her little independent spirit is completely me.

Holland now has a new (and not so cute) night-time habit. When I go get her from her bed in the mornings, she is completely nude and lying in tee tee. I thought I wasn't getting in there early enough and she was retalliating by adding to my least favoite chore of all, laundry. Come to find out, she likes to sleep in the nude. Hah. So now I put her to bed and check on her before I go to bed to make sure she's dry and covered. She's usually already done her business, so she ends up lying in bed with daddy while I change the linens. One night she slept with us and woke me up at 6:15 (alarm was set for 7:30). She says, "mommy, where did kitty cat go?" We go back and forth that kitty is night night--as should we. Nonetheless, we were up and getting ready for the day early that day. After a few loads of laundry and a bath, it was finally time to go to mammaw's house. I'm running after her with her jacket saying "Holland, it's cold outside-we need to wear our jackets." She replies with "nooooooo mommy, nooooo mommy." I had to take myself out of the situation for the safety of my daughter and myself (if you have children you may know what I'm talking about). I was turing off all of the lights and getting the house ready to lock up while I'm still telling Holland to get her jacket on. She finally comes trotting into the kitchen ready to go...with her jacket on...her life jacket.

She really is my child.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A beautiful October wedding

My older brother, Eric, got married this past weekend in Ringwood, OK. It's alright, I had never heard of it either. It turned out to be a tiny little town that had nothing to offer...except this wonderful little winery right outside of town, on the main road, past the water tower. As funny as is sounds, this place really was the perfect setting for this cold October weekend. I'm a horrible mother and didn't bring my camera in, so I'm relying on the one my mother took. Holland was the ring bearer, so I had my hands full. My favorite part is when it's Holland's time to walk down the isle and instead of dropping the autumn leaves on the floor like she was supposed to, she was picking them up and putting them into her little purse. She is too darn cute. Here is a little picture of Holland and the best man, my little brother-Nathan.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Holland Audrey Hammett

I wanted to take time to just write about my love for my little miracle. Holland Audrey just turned two last month. Things stay hectic around here while I try to finish nursing school. Lately I've noticed a change in our relationship. She is by my side anytime we're together. It's taken me a little while to notice it, but she is always there. She says, "mommy, ah help you." She pulls up a chair to the counter while I'm cooking dinner to help. She's on my hip while we're doing laundry. She likes to put the detergent and the clothes into the washing machine. After she closes the lid she claps and says "good job." When she gets out of the bath she doesn't want anyone but mommy to get her jammies on and to brush her hair. I help her brush her teeth, but she likes to do it herself most of the time...wonder where she got that? Tonight as I was holding her and singing "you are my sunshine," she gives me the biggest hug and says "wub ee mommy." That translates to "I love you, Mommy." Then she takes my face and says "eyes." We do butterfly kisses with our eyelashes. Just as I thought I was filled to the top with love for my daughter, she hugs me again and gives me the sweetest kiss on the cheek. "Wub ee mommy, night-night." So she snuggles up with her little lamb pillow, pup-pup, and her blanket. Looks up at me and says, "night-night, wub ee mommy."

That was an hour and a half ago. My heart is still fluttering right now. It is incredible that I was chosen to be her mother. I am so humbled everyday.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surprise...we're still here.

Obviously I'm not great at keep this blog updated. The good news is I only have one more semester of school!! I will graduate December 20. The bad news is...not really anything. I think all will be great after this semester.

Holland is doing great. We've been pacifier free for about a month now. I'm hoping she'll be interested in potty training next. Her mimi and pawpaw (my parents) got her a little kitchen set for her birthday. It is the neatest thing. The little burners light up when you turn it on. She loves "cooking" in her room. She surprises me everyday with the new words she's incorporating into her little vocabulary. She can name just about any color I can think of. I try to get her to count but when I start off at one she is only interested at ending with "two, three!!" She will start montessori school in January. I think she'll love it. Then next fall it will be time for DANCE!!! She's been working on her moves since she started pulling up on furniture.

Here are a few of Holland's 2 year pictures. Enjoy!